Wynwood, Miami

So, I am sure by now you have heard about, or at least seen a million pictures on Instagram, of Miami's coolest and most colorful neighborhood, Wynwood.

Wynwood is basically Miami's Brooklyn. It is a hipster haven full of cool cafes, vibrant murals, art galleries, trendy eateries, and eclectic bars. Naturally, it was high on my travel bucket list.

Wynwood was once an unsightly warehouse and manufacturing district before it was transformed into a thriving arts district. The area is just a short drive over the intracoastal waterway from Miami Beach. It is definitely worth a stop when visiting Miami. Emily and I stopped to explore Wynwood on our way home from South Beach.

I was immediately taken by the amazing murals. In fact, Wynwood is one of the largest open-air and street-art installations in the world. But before exploring fully, Emily and I fueled up on duffins (doughnut and muffin hybrids), cappuccini, and avocado toast at Cafe Miam. I mean what is a trendy neighborhood without avant-garde baked goods and avocado toast?

Fully satiated, we wandered and admired the colorful murals. We, of course, took a thousand photos, before heading to Zak the Baker. And as if the bakery wasn't enough, when then decided "flock it" and headed to cutest flamingo-themed ice cream shop, Serendipity Creamery. In an effort to survey all of the areas best eateries and cafes, we also investigated The Salty Donut, Panther Coffee, and Coyo Taco. It's important to be thorough. If you're not a foodie, don't worry, you can also take an art tour for a more in depth look at the famed murals.

Wynwood definitely did not disappoint and should not be missed when visiting Miami!

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