Packing MVPs: The Most Versatile Clothing for Travel

Despite my love for loud, colorful, and whimsical clothing, I must admit that whenever I pack or travel I always find myself reaching for the same key articles of clothing. Trip after trip, these pieces have proven to be functional, stylish, and easy to wear. With so many students packing for their fall semesters abroad, I thought I should share my packing MVPs.

Camel Trench Coat
A camel trench coat never goes out of style and is perfect for unexpected rainy and chilly days. Plus if you stick with the classic color, you are guaranteed it will go with everything!

Denim Jacket
Like a neutral trench, you can throw a denim jacket over just about anything. It is a great way to dress down a dress or throw on with shorts/skirts on a cool evening.

Field Jacket
Yes, my list includes three jackets. But let's face it, outwear when you travel is important. If you are looking for an alternative to a denim jacket, a field jacket is a great choice. I personally pack all three coat options when travel for a long period of time or when traveling in the fall or spring.

Striped Tee
Instead of packing a solid color t-shirt, opt for a striped one. It goes with just as much, but adds interest and style to a rather basic article of clothing. You can pair it with a pattern bottom when you're feeling bold, or with dark denim for a more classic look.

Dark Wash, Skinny Jeans
Of course jeans are a packing MVP, but I always suggest selecting a skinny, dark-wash version. A skinny silhouette works with both flats and boots, while the dark wash means you can wear them from day to night.

Chambray Top
Like a denim jacket, a chambray top goes with everything and is great for layering over short sleeves and dresses, or even under dresses in cooler weather. And bonus, in the summer it can double as a beach cover up.

Ballet Flats
European women (especially Parisians) love their ballet flats, and for good reason. They are classic, flattering, and comfortable for lots of walking. Of course, make sure you break in your flats before traveling. I highly suggest packing a metallic ballet flat, which is more versatile.

I never travel without a simple little black dress. A LBD is great for the unexpected fancy occasion, but can also be dressed down. The best part about a LBD is that it's super flattering and will look timeless and chic in photos.

A Bright Floral Dress
Versatile and functional doesn't have to mean simple and neutral. I always make sure to pack at least one fun (usually floral) dress. You can wear it by itself, with a jacket, or as a skirt under your striped tee!

Stylish Sneakers
Thank goodness sneakers are in fashion. It makes traveling in style so much easier. Traveling can be tough on your feet, so it is nice to have a stylish yet comfortable alternative for high traffic days of sightseeing.

You can shop my favorites in all of these categories below! And here are some more tips on packing and traveling with style.

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