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Picnic in the Park

Last week was Jen's birthday, and to celebrate we decided to have a little prosecco and cupcake picnic in the Boboli Gardens (I mean is there any other kind of picnic?) The weather had been gorgeous all week and we were both excited to get outside and enjoy it. So Friday after work, I picked up some delicious cupcakes from the nearby American bakery, Sugar and Spice, grabbed some mini bottles of prosecco, and met Jen on the Ponte Vecchio to head to the gardens.

The Boboli Gardens are one of my favorite spots in Florence. The only downside is that as part of the Palazzo Pitt you have to pay to enter. Fortunately, Jen and I both have passes. I guess when you live in Florida you have year-long theme park passes and when you live in Florence you have museum passes lol. I highly recommend investing in a similar tourist pass if you plan on spending a good amount of time in Florence (if you are studying abroad in Florence, you school will likely provide one). I absolutely love my museum pass. It lets you skip the line and pop into see Michelangelo's David or Botticelli's Birth of Venus whenever you like!

If you aren't in Florence long enough to justify a museum pass, I still highly recommend purchasing a ticket to see both the Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens. The palace and adjoining gardens are beautiful and massive. Fun fact, they actually were the inspiration for Versailles. You could spend all afternoon exploring the park, but Jen and I decided to find a shady spot and just lounge. I value friendships that are easy and fun. It seems that no matter what Jen and I do it involves a lot of laughing (especially when Jen popped her first bottle of prosecco and the corked rocketed into the tree above). But in addition to being easy and fun, Jen and I often find ourselves immersed in really thoughtful conversations about feminism, gender, and, in the case of this conversation in the park, vanity and blogging lol.

I am so fortunate to have such amazing friends both at home and in Florence. Happy birthday Jen!

Ashley B
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  1. Sounds like a great way to celebrate your friends birthday, those views are breathtaking. You guys both look super cute!

  2. Seth and I need to go on a picnic this summer-- it's too bad it can't be in Italy though haha! These gardens are absolutely gorgeous :)

    Prep on a Budget

  3. Your photos are amazing! You're blog is such a huge inspiration for me!

    1. Wow Megan, thank you! That is really sweet of you to say!

  4. Boboli gardens are one of my favorite memories from my time in Florence. My family and I spent so much time lounging around in the gardens enjoying the sunshine though I must say our afternoon wasn't quite as picturesque as your gorgeous picnic. Your blog is so amazing, I love following because not only are you a fashion inspiration but I truly respect your views and see you as this woman who values beauty and most importantly intelligence. I'm always excited when you have a new post!

    1. Sorry for #fangirling for a minute there (;

    2. You are too sweet and funny! And what wonderful memories to have made with your family. Thanks for following along, I also look forward to your sweet comments.

  5. What a darling post! Your dress is so beautiful, and I love that you have such a wonderful friend. It makes being away from home so much easier!

    Have a lovely weekend :)


    1. It really does, I am so lucky! Thank you ;)

  6. What a wonderful idea! Love picnics, prosecco, and cupcakes!

  7. Hello!

    First, I love you're blog and I have become a loyal fan, especially because I will be studying abroad in Florence come September.

    I read an article that caught my attention because I remembered reading this post about your picnic and I had a little panic attack for you! But have no fear, there won't be a drastic "Global Prosecco Shortage"!



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