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Arrivederci + Outfit Ideas

Today is the day! After weeks of preparation I am (finally) flying to Florence. My bags are packed, my overflow has been shipped, and I have 9+ hours of trashy TV download on my laptop (#ready).

Although packing was stressful, and I am dreading getting everything up to my apartment, I have really enjoyed the challenge of packing for 7 months abroad. The benefit of taking the time to photograph each item of clothing  (or grab images from the web) is that I can easily see my wardrobes as a whole and plan out my outfits (I mean who doesn't love planning outfits?).

I got a little carried away last week. I wanted to sit down and make sure everything in my winter capsule was versatile and that I could use every piece (minus some special occasion items/coats) in at least three different looks. I started playing around and before I knew it, I had created 60 unique outfits! I definitely could have created more, but I had to stop myself since I did have more important things I needed to be doing. But this exercise ensured me that the pieces I had selected would be versatile and that I wasn't wasting space on useless items.

Incase you don't recall, this is my winter capsule and I made all of the outfits below from just these items:

You can read more about my winter capsule here and my spring capsule here.

And here are all of the fabulous outfits I created:

Like I said before, I am not 100% sold on strict capsule wardrobes (and minimalism in general) for my every day life. I have to admit, however, that the thoughtful selection of clothing items and outfit planning aspects of capsule wardrobes/minimal closets has definitely been fruitful exercises and something I want to continue to do more of! 

Does anyone else pre-plan their closets and travel outfits like this?

Ashley B
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  1. This is so awesome! I definitely plan outfits ahead of time, but not really with photos. Then again, I am usually only traveling for a maximum of about 4 weeks. The one time I was away for four months I really only needed a summer wardrobe, with a couple extra layers for the beginning of my time away. I like to think that if I were going away for as long as you then I would invest more time in thinking about outfits and items and making sure they're versatile.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  2. Yay love all your mixed prints and colors! Have a wonderful and safe flight, can't wait to hear more when you arrive.

  3. What's your secret to photographing your clothing/getting rid of the background/having good light? I have the Stylebook App on my phone and would love to be able to do this with my wardrobe!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

    1. I actually find it easiest to save the online photo of an item when I purchase it (J.Crew provides excellent product pics). If the item is old or only shown on a model online, I hang a white sheet over my bedroom door (which faces the window, light is key) and photograph the item hanging up in natural light. I then photoshop out the hanger.

      I love the concept of the Stylebook App, but my inner OCD/graphic designer was not happy with how the images looked when the background was removed. So I do all of that in photoshop. Sorry that isn't too helpful. But you could photoshop and then import into the Style Book App?

  4. Nice! I bet that's going to be a really swell trip. With all your provisions properly stored, there should be no further worries, except the ensuing adventure, with all its plus and minuses. Well, for as long as you've got your stuff well-accounted for and sealed, then you need not worry about them. Anyway, thanks for sharing those outfit ideas! Have a safe trip!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Inc.


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