Outfit: Feeling Festive

beanie (similar) // sweater  (on sale) // chambray top (on sale) // skirt // tights // wellies

Merry Christmas Eve! I couldn't resist saving this outfit to post today. The fair isle, the plaid, all the red... it's so festive! Too bad it's too warm to actually wear for Christmas. But that's December in Florida, one week is freezing (like when I wore this) and the next is sunny and 80 degrees.

Despite the warm spell, I am in Orlando enjoying lots of holiday fun with my cousins (as I type this we are eating cookies and popcorn and binge watching Gilmore Girls). And we are determined to have a fire in the fireplace, even if we have to sweat it out lol. With Italy fast approaching, I am trying to enjoy as much time as possible with my friends and family.

Speaking of Italy, after packing my clothes and taking stock of what I had and what I think I might still need, I identified a couple holes in my wardrobe. I was seriously lacking warm wool sweaters (I have sweaters, but not wool), a versatile chambray top, and cold weather accessories. When I saw this fair isle sweater online at J.Crew, I fell in love with it. The colors make it fun and interesting, but also very versatile.

I couldn't believe that my wardrobe was missing a long-sleeve chambray shirt, talk about a versatile wardrobe staple. Fortunately, I found the perfect one at J.Crew (#natch). Finally, I've been stocking up on my new hat obsession - beanies! This Old Navy one was too cute and too cheap not to snatch up (who doesn't love pom-poms?). Even though I am lacking cold weather accessories - like hats, gloves, and scarves - I am trying to only buy a couple before I depart. Instead, I will stock up after I arrive (sacrifices have to be made when trying to save weight in your suitcase).

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas (you can read a fun fact about Xmas here)!

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