Preppy Printshop: Exciting New Arrival!

Last week I instagrammed a picture of my new market tote. It was just a simple canvas tote I had designed on a whim (and then had screen printed). I was stunned at the number of comments the picture received (33!). I mean I thought the tote was adorable (obviously that's why I made it), but I had no idea everyone would love it and want one of their very own! So I went to work this weekend trying to find a viable way to produce and sell them for the shop. And here it is, in stock by popular demand, the Market Essentials Shopping Tote!

The shopping list text comes in three colors - gold, navy (duh!), and classic black. Of course, if you want a different color (or even to substitute one of the items listed) just message me and I will see what I can do! 

I took my new tote out for a spin this weekend and I received so many compliments. It really is the perfect market tote. Now if only I could get away with living off prosecco, nutella, baguettes, coffee, macarons, and flowers. Who am I kidding? I basically already do!

What are the essentials on your shopping list?

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