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Apartment Therapy: Closet Tour

After posting pictures of the recent updates to my bedroom a couple weeks ago, I received a bunch of inquiries about my closet and requests for a closet tour! Closet tours are like "what's in my bag" posts, I get some sort of voyeuristic joy out of peeking into other peoples closets and bags lol.

So here it is, a peek inside my closet! Well it's not really a closet, but an open storage system from Ikea, which I love since I feel like I am boutique shopping every morning when I get dressed. I highly recommend the Ikea Stolemen system. It is completely customizable and you can add on or change up the design at any time. And thanks to its tension design and infinite options, the system can fit into any space! I keep all of my clothing, shoes, and purses in this system, except for large coats (which are in a hallway closet) and my workout clothes (which are now in the dresser next to my bed - another Ikea score).

My favorite section ;)
One of these days I will get around to spray painting the rest of my foam heads.
Yep this is the puffer vest collection of a Florida girl... nope not sorry!
There are a couple things you will learn about me after peeking into my closet: 1) I have never met a color I didn't love (go bright or go home), 2) I am crazy about J.Crew fluted skirts (how many can you count?), 3) There is no shortage of patterns (#patternplay), and 4) I love a clean and organized closet!

You will also notice that my wardrobe is (relatively) not huge. Believe it or not, as bad as my fashion/shopping habit is, this is everything! That's because I believe in maintaining a streamlined but versatile wardrobe. I think you can do more with a smaller, quality-filled closet where you can see everything, verses overstuffed closets throughout the house (Who is guilty of this one? I used to be!).

Check back tomorrow for my tips on organizing your closet and maintaining an edited wardrobe!

Anyone else want to share their closet tour? Comment with the link below, I love peeking!

PS - You can see more of my apartment here.

Ashley B
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  1. I love that your closet is open! It is such a great way to use your space and is super cute and chic!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. Such a great closet system! I'm getting to the point where I just want to keep the pieces I really love and/or wear the most to keep it less cluttered and more streamlined. I hope I can get a closet like yours someday soon so I'm really looking forward to your next post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love how organized your closet is! I especially love that print. Where did you get it?

    1. I made the print. It is an old one, but you can find some newer versions in my Etsy store - ;)

  4. I love all your home tour posts and this is great inspiration for me to get my clothes all organized :)

    this sojourner

  5. Wow, I wish my closet looked like this! So fun & lively!

    xo, K

  6. Love it all! Especially all of those bright colors and how neatly everything is organized! I'm inspired to go organize mine now! :)

  7. I dream of one day having an open closet like this, mine is big but not big enough and I never have enough room for everything to be displayed properly.

  8. Lovely closet! Where did you find your necklace stand? I've been looking for one everywhere but can't find one that is tall enough or sturdy enough for my BIG jewelry!


    1. Hi Natalie, It is from the Container Store!

  9. Recently I visited a friend of mine in Miami. Her closet was really similar to yours. She lives in a condo (for the interested: ) and everything was already designed when she moved in, but she told them to leave the bedroom so that she could put her own spin on it. The result was a closet that looks like yours and a room which is just bright and colorful and great to look at.

  10. I love this! I just found your blog and I'm in love. I am a music teacher and my best friend in the world studied history and anthro for our bachelors. We love the arts and traveling (I studied abroad in Paris for a whole summer a few years ago!) I love your comment about keeping some really great quality pieces. I have a question though! Once you stop wearing some clothes, what do you do with them? Do you donate them? Sell them? I feel I have too much stuff and want to narrow down on my more staple pieces in my wardrobe. Let me know what you think! :) Thanks :))

    1. Hi Meagan, so glad you found it and thank you! Great question, my bestie does an excellent job of taking old clothes off my hands. Then whatever she doesn't want I donate to a local charity thrift store. I have thought about reselling on Ebay, but I generally wear the crap out of my clothes and by the time I am done with them they aren't new enough to resell (or Britt has already called dibs). If you are wanting to clean out your closet, I would suggest reselling items with tags or that have barely been worn and then you can donate the rest to a worthwhile cause.

  11. Which Stolemen pieces did you use? Love this!

  12. Sure! I'll share my closet's before and after! Yours is pretty darn awesome! ;-)

  13. This is fantastic! I do have a question though, what are you storing in your bins? I see a few of them placed on the shelves. Are you putting anything in your bags as well?

  14. Where did you get the skirt hangers? doesn't look bulky :) love it


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