90 Days Abroad: What I Brought, What I Bought, What I Wore

Packing for 90 days abroad in one checked bag is definitely a challenge, but if done right, it's completely doable! Here is a breakdown of what I brought, bought, and wore this summer!

What I Brought:
1 Rain Jacket
1 Denim Jacket
1 Navy Blazer
1 Navy Cardigan
17 Tops
2 Jeans
11 Dresses
5 Skirts
5 Shorts
2 Workout Tops
2 Workout Capris
1 Pair of Wellies
1 Pair of Flip Flips
1 Navy Leather Sandals
1 Pair of Superga Sneakers
1 Pair of Espadrilles
2 Pairs of Jelly Sandals
Various Pjs, Bras, Underwear, Socks, etc.

4 Purses/Bags (1 clutch, 2 Longchamps, and my Kate Spade camera bag)

(click here to see each individual item I packed)

What I Bought:
Pink MK Bag (thanks to a student with an employee discount!)
Max & Co. Plaid Dress, Jeweled Top, and Yellow Crossbody Bag
Zara Yellow Blazer 
Zara Pink Cropped Jacket
Zara Floral Top
Stefanel Graphic Tee
J.Crew Hibiscus Skirt
J.Crew Navy Top
Navy Stripe Maxi Skirt (scored at a local market for just 10 euro!)

What I Wore:
Thanks to a little creativity I only repeated the looks I loved!
(This is just a sample of my summer wardrobe, you can see each day's look here)

PS - Here are my packing guides for vacations/trips in Europe in the winter, spring, and summer! And my guide to packing your international carry on!

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