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The Lazy Blowout: How to Hot Roll Your Hair

I can't believe how many comments and compliments I get on my hair (mostly on Instagram). I am surprised because to be honest, I am super lazy when it comes to my hair. While I love the way it looks with a blowout, I hate blowdrying it myself. It takes forever and I get so overheated! 

Years ago I learned about an amazing hair secret -- hot rollers! I am always so surprised at how few women know about and use hot rollers. They are amazing - they add volume, shine, and bounce!

So I thought I should share my secret for achieving a blown out look without any of the effort. The best part about hot rollers is that they take 5 minutes to put in (with practice of course) and then you are free to do whatever while they cool.

I wash my hair at night and let it dry while I sleep. My hair is thick, coarse, and wavy, so I usually put a little bit of smoothing product in at night. In the morning I brush out my hair (with the greatest brush ever) and roll it in larger sections with my T3 Voluminous Hot Roller Set (I use pins instead of clips to avoid creasing). This Conair set is another great option.

I use the larger rollers on the top sections for volume and the smaller rollers on the sides for a slight curl and bounce. I absolutely love my T3 rollers and I've had them for years, plus they are duel voltage so I can take them with me when I travel. 

Once my hair is rolled, which now takes me just a few minutes, I spray my entire head with a light mist of my favorite hairspray. While they set, I do my make up (or read blogs, catch up on the news, eat breakfast, etc.). You should let them cool for at least 20 minutes. After removing the rollers I usually lightly brush my hair and go... it's that simple and easy! Seriously, GET HOT ROLLERS! 

I am so spoiled by my hot roller routine that I rarely blow dry my hair. If it is a special occasion I might blow-dry and curl my hair with my favorite Dry Bar curling iron.

Does anyone else love hot rollers?

Ashley B
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  1. I have curly hair so I already have the curl and volume but regardless, I think it'd be fun to try hot rollers in order to get a classic glamorous Old Hollywood-style hairdo for nice occasions. I, too, am surprised at how few young women seem to use them since they really can do wonders, especially at creating wonderful bounce and subtle curls. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  2. I have such fine hair that hot rollers are seriously the only thing that let me maintain a curl long enough to get through the work day... I couldn't live without them either!

    1. Interesting, my hair is also very fine and very,very straight and hot rollers do nothing for me at all...but then again maybe I should give them another chance!

  3. I never do anything with my hair, but this look so easy! I definitely want to try this look!

    Prep on a Budget

  4. Hi Ashley! I have a 5-piece hot roller set and my hair has grown out to the point where 5 just aren't enough anymore. I've been looking for another set that doesn't include the tiny rollers (I don't think I'd ever use them and this may sound like I'm cheap, but I don't want to buy something that I'd only use half of!). Thank you for the tip on the Conair set that you linked - I just ordered them!

  5. Thank you for posting this tutorial, your hair is always so gorgeous. I do have some rollers but hardly ever use them, and this has inspired me to dust them off and give them another go :)

    Kasia's Beauty Diary

  6. You're so right, hot rollers are fabulous. I have a similar routine to yours. My hair is as long as yours, but fine and not as thick. I wash it in the evening about once a week, let it air-dry (takes about an hour or two), then put 10 hot rollers in my hair (medium on top & small on sides and back), and once it's all up I immediately start taking it all down. Once all the rollers are out I let my hair cool (takes about 2 or 3 minutes), then I brush it out and it's done. Then every night before I go to bed I bend over and brush all my hair in the direction of the floor, put it in a loose knot on top of my head and secure with two french-pins. Every morning I brush it out loosely and it stays curled all day. I don't use hairspray or any hair products. I use the BS-ACV washing method, so my hair is very shiny & healthy, much more so than when I used to use commercial shampoos and hair products.

  7. I've been using hot rollers my entire life!! I'm 20 and still use my mom's old Clairol one! It's the only thing that makes my super-straight hair stay curled all day.

  8. My freshman year roommate had hot rollers that she would use everyday and her hair always looked amazing but I didn't have the money at the time to get some and I just forgot about them! I'm definitely going to get some after reading this!


  9. The tips provided here is really beautiful. It is great feel to have a perfect blowout. Check out the best blow dry bar


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