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Why I love Nordstrom

Before I declare my love for Nordstrom, I should note that I have zero affiliation with the company and was not sponsored in any way, I am just this crazy for Nordstrom!*

I love great customer service, and no one does customer service like Nordstrom. Case in point - remember that French Connection dress I bought last fall? Well after only a couple wears, I discovered the black dye was bleeding onto the cream parts of the dress, especially under my arms. I was so sad, but because I had worn it and had no clue where the receipt was, I figured it was a lost cause.

Fast forward to last week (remember I bought the dress last fall!). I was in Nordstrom for my monthly brow wax (Anastasia is the best) and I decided to do a little window shopping. I was browsing the dress department when I noticed they were still selling my French Connection dress (and at full price might I add). When the sales lady approached I told her what happened to mine and that she should warn other customers. To my surprise she asked if I still had the dress. When I said yes, she immediately responded "bring it back and we will give you store credit or exchange it for something else." I told her I didn't have a receipt and even the debit card I purchased it with was gone (thanks Target). She assured me that none of that was an issue.

I brought the dress back that afternoon and they gave me a gift card for the full value of the dress. How often do you find a company that stands behind everything they sell? I have had similar experiences in their shoe department. Even if you have worn a shoe for weeks, but still are not satisfied (I blister easily), they will take them back with no questions asked!

I try to buy whatever I can from Nordstrom, I mean if they carried J.Crew I might never leave. But seriously, when I invest in something like Tory Burch ballet flats or a nice dress I want to know that I will get my money's worth!

Thank you Nordstrom for being an incredible company!

PS - Nordstrom Rack is amazing as is their semiannual sale.

*Although Nordstrom if you are out there, I would love to work with you ;)
Ashley B
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  1. nice! thanks a lot for sharing this! unfortunately, i don't think we have this store in my country :/


  2. I totally agree. Their customer service is above and beyond. In our Norstrom there is a lovely restaurant with dim lighting, comfortable seating, and good music. You can get away from it all (aka mall frenzy) and the servers are just as on point as other Nordstrom employees. Rebecca

  3. I couldn't agree more! Nordstrom has always been great about returns and I have never had a bad experience with their customer service department!

    Prep on a Budget

  4. That's amazing! Thanks for sharing, I love collecting these customer service gems so I have a better grasp on where to shop - especially when the price point starts to creep up, like you said, you want to get your moneys worth!

    this sojourner

  5. WOW. I had no idea! Thanks so much for sharing this... I need to shop there more often I guess! (And so amazing about your dress!! Woo!)


  6. I agree, Nordstrom is amazing! My mom bought a pair of expensive black leather boots at Nordstrom when I was a kid, she had them for over a year when part of the leather started peeling back at the top, she brought them into Nordstrom to see if there was any way to fix them and since they weren't selling the same boots anymore she got store credit for the original value of the boots. AMAZING!

  7. I'm such a huge fan of Nordstrom and this post only reaffirms what I already knew. I remember you warning me about that dress months ago, I'm so glad they let you exchange it!

  8. I have to agree. I once saw a girl come in with a pair of Michael Kors gloves she had actually worn ALL winter, but she was disappointed that they had worn out so quickly. They told her to just go grab a new pair to replace them.

  9. I have had great experiences with Nordstrom too! I found the perfect pair of Hunter boots at a great price on the website, and unfortunately, the price went back up to normal the very day I went to order them. Kicking myself for missing what was clearly a sale, I emailed customer service just to find out when they might be on sale again. The women set something up so I could order the boots at the sale price that I'd missed out on! I was so happy!


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