Traveling Light: 26 Pieces = 30+ Outfits!

Remember last week when I posted my Packing for Europe: Spring Travel Edition and I promised you could make 30+ outfits with the 26 items shown (not counting the umbrella)? Well, today I am going to prove it to you! Not only is each outfit unique, but it also covers a range of weather conditions! Check them out:

My packing list also included 3 pairs of shoes, one necklace, one scarf, 2 pairs of tights, two jackets, and an umbrella. But that's it! Other than undergarments and toiletries you could travel for 30 days and wear 30 different (and fabulous) outfits.
Click here for the original list of items to pack.

I stopped at 30, but honestly I could probably create 5 more outfits from this list if I had to. Packing is never easy, but when it's done right, it is amazing how little you really need.

Could you travel for 30 days with just 26 items?

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