My Top 10 Travel Essentials

  1. A good pair of sunglasses – It’s so important to protect your eyes when you are outside sightseeing, plus everyone looks chicer in photos when wearing sunglasses. My current favorite.
  2. Dry shampoo – Save time by only styling your hair every couple of days. Dry shampoo cleans your hair and soaks up extra oil without having to wet your hair. One of my favorites is Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo. At $5.99 for a large bottle it’s a steal! 
  3. iPad – Honestly, I don’t know how I traveled, much less functioned, before my iPad. Yes it’s a pricey tech accessory, but with one device I can watch movies and TV, surf the internet, check email, and read books and magazines. Also it’s smaller and lighter than lugging your laptop.
  4. Packing cubes – These make packing and re-packing a breeze. They provide organization and if you need one item from the bottom of your suitcase, you won’t have to destroy your neatly folded clothes in the process. I really like these.
  5. Spray wrinkle releaser – I refuse to iron while traveling. Actually I refuse to iron period!
  6. Band-aid blister block stickAs stated in this post on the importance of foot care, crippling blisters can really ruin your travel fun, and this blister block goes a long way in helping you prevent blisters.
  7. Certain Dry antiperspirant – It’s summer, your outside sightseeing, it’s hot and no one likes pit stains in their photos! This powerful antiperspirant prevents you from sweating and is now available at most local drugstores.
  8. Camera - Your pictures really are your greatest souvenirs! I am especially fond of funny and unique photos... and the occasional (ok not so occasional) jumping photo.
  9. My Northface Nylon Shell – I purchased a simple black Northface nylon shell 4 years ago not realizing how useful it would be. Its lightweight, which means you can roll it into a tiny ball and throw it in the bottom of your purse. Never get caught off guard by sudden changes in temperature or poring rain again.
  10. Sunscreen – People often don’t realize how much more time they spend outdoors when traveling, so please take care of your skin!

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