How to Travel in a Group

Group travel is great! It typically means you have a well-planned schedule, special access to museums and historical sites, guides or knowledgeable people who help you make sense of what you are seeing, discounted prices, and the chance to cultivate relationships with like-minded people who are experiencing the same journey, which can develop into life-long friendships—none of which you have to worry about planning! 

Every study abroad program includes a lot of traveling in groups. Moreover, many families and individuals also select group tours over individual travel (for all of the reasons listed above). But, you need to be in the right state of mind before departure.

Group travel does take a little bit of personal sacrifice. The most common complaints people have about traveling in groups is that they have little free time and it takes forever for the group to do anything! Yet if every member of the group is considerate and adopts a group mentality, these complaints become nonexistent.

What do I mean by a group mentality? It is simple—Be considerate!

If you prepare yourself and understand the dynamics of group travel prior to departure, you will have an amazing time and make memories and friends for life, because as I (and these pictures) can attest group travel is a blast!

What are your thoughts on group travel?

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