DIY: Ikea Bar Cart Hack

I don't want to brag, but I am pretty much obsessed with my latest Ikea hack - a bar cart for only $29.99!!!!!

I absolutely love the bar cart trend, but I have yet to find an affordable option for someone 1) with a small place and 2) who doesn't really drink (obviously I am not counting prosecco and wine). Even when Target released a somewhat inexpensive $120 version, I still felt like it was too expensive and too large. I just wasn't willing to sink hundreds of dollars into a trend that I love the look of, but at the end of the day, isn't super practical for my lifestyle.

But then the other day I was in Ikea (picking up frames for my prints, of course) and I saw the Bygel utility cart for $29.99. Yes that's right, 30 bucks! I was completely willing to invest thirty dollars into the bar cart trend. Another bonus was the cart's size, which makes it ideal for small spaces and less costly to fill.

All I did to transform the cart was spray paint it gold! A quick tip - assemble the cart half-way before spray painting. Then, let dry and finish assembling. It is also helpful to have some gold craft paint for touch ups.

To fill my new bar cart, I simply gathered some of my glasses from the kitchen and added this gorgeous square tray, this acrylic wine holder (which will look great when I finally get around to filling it), and these adorable straws (on clearance!).

This was seriously the cheapest and easiest bar cart ever! Eventually I would love to add an ice bucket and shaker, but for now I am super happy with the result.

I thought it was only appropriate to hang my degrees over my new bar cart,
since I often joke drinking is the only way you survive grad school!

Peony print from my printshop!
But how perfect would this recent freebie be on your new bar cart?

Gold glasses from West Elm

What do you think? Anybody else excited about this hack?

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