Fashion Friday: 9 X 9

I don't know about you, but I am loving J.Crew's new arrivals! So I though it would be fun to use their new arrivals for a 9 X 9 post (an idea I stole from Bethany at Perfectly Couture, love her!).

I think creating 9 outfits from 9 items of clothing is a great exercise. It helps you be more creative with your clothing. This was what I loved most about my 30 X 30 challenge, so I think a little 9 X 9 challenge is a great refresher. It is also a good exercise for packing! I mean just look at what you can do with nine items! Could you imaging traveling for over a week with just 9 articles of clothing?

Image Map

Have a good weekend! 

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PPS - the popover is Paris themed... need!

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