Gift Guide: The Chic Geek

I don't know about you all, but ate more than my fair share of Thanksgiving delights over the past four days. I feel like I need to detox! But now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can really focus on gift giving. Which works out great, because shopping is my cardio! 

So far in my gift-guide series we have covered presents for the wanderers, fashionistas, GOBs, and hostesses in your life. But we can't forget the chic geeks!

Here are some perfect picks for the girly and chic geek in your life:

Gold Leather Pencil Pouch
Chic Geeks simply must carry the tools of their trade in something as fabulous as they are.

Girly Girl Pencil Set
Equally important to a great pencil/pen case are cheeky idiom pencils that show she's as fun as she is smart.

Elbow Patch Sweater
For some reason elbow patches just give a sense of authority to anyone who wears them.

Composition Book iPad Cover
Combine the classic look of a composition book with the modern conveniences of her iPad.

Glasses Earrings
Cheeky and stylish studs that any chic geek would appreciate.

Grammar Mugs
Grammar matters! Now she can remind people the proper use of they're, there, and their and the difference between affect and effect wherever she goes with these adorable good grammar mugs. 
PS - This is the perfect gift for an English teacher!

Dictionary iPhone Cover
Now she can carry her favorite reference everywhere she goes!

"I like big books" Tote
The geek chic can not lieā€¦ she likes big books!

Cat Eye Glasses Stationary
This adorable stationary is perfect for her important correspondence.

"Geek is the new chic" Print 
Of course, she could just post it on her wall because "geek is the new chic!"