What's in My Bag: Work Edition

I am so happy it's Friday, this week was brutal and next week isn't looking any better. But one great thing did happen this week, my new work bag finally arrived!

I feel like I have waited forever for my Dagne Dover bag! I first saw it on The College Prepster and I was sold when Carly described all of the different pockets (I LOVE being organized). I have been searching for a work bag for a long time. I needed something that was professional enough for conferences and presentations, yet practical for everyday use. I carry a lot of student papers, books, notebooks, etc. Since I work from both home and my office, I tend to carry a lot to and from campus.

So I took the plunge and invested in this bag (actually it is an early Christmas present). I was a little disappointed when a week after purchasing it, I had not received a shipment notification. So I emailed the company to inquire about it. I received the nicest and sincerest response almost immediately. Deepa, the COO/CFO, let me know that the company was new and they had recently had a spike in orders (I'm guessing because Carly featured the bag), and their manufacturing facility was working as hard as possible to keep up with the orders. Even though it took weeks, they kept me up to date every step of the way.

AND IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT. I love the bag, it is absolute perfection! The color, the shape, the size, the compartments, the padded shoulder straps... all perfect and impeccably made!

To celebrate my new bag, I thought I should do a "what's in my bag" work edition.

All of this fits with room to spare!

Starbucks tumbler // books (lots and lots of books) // my Macbook Pro // iPad // pouch (for when I just want to run across campus with my wallet and phone for a cup of coffee) // umbrella (Florida showers come out of no where) // Warby Parker glasses // Visine (for when I read too much) // my Moo business cards // Dr. Scholls blister treatment (constantly traversing a large college campus = a lot of blisters) // highlighters (these are the absolute best!) // spiral notebook (how cute is this Great Gatsby notebook?)

Dagne Dover also makes a corresponding clutch, which, of course, now I really want!

What's in your work bag?

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