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I have a serious case of wanderlust. It all started when I was twenty and had the chance to study and live in Rome for a summer. Since then, I have been hooked. Travel is so addictive and there is literally no where in the world I wouldn't want to go (of course so long as it was safe). 

I don't know if it helps or only makes it worse that I have a job that allows me to travel. I promise myself every summer (since someone is already paying for my plane ticket to Europe) that I will visit at least one new place. So far I have been fortunate to travel to Greece, Turkey (Istanbul was incredible), Spain, Morocco, England, France, Germany, and, of course, most of Italy. But there are still so many places I want to see. 

As an avid list maker, I am constantly making lists of the places I want to go. Currently toping my list(s) and the most likely candidates for this summer are Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary), but I am also debating Prague (Czech Republic) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). And the more I think about this, the more cities that come to mind. I made this wanderlust print to commemorate my love of travel and to remind myself of all the places I still have to see (tune in tomorrow to see where I placed it)!

8" X 10" Print

I also made a pink version because I couldn't decide:

8" X 10" Print

I hope you enjoy the print(s) as much as I do (do you prefer the blue or pink?)!

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?
Ashley B
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  1. If I could go anywhere in the world tomorrow I would go to New York City!


  2. If I could go anywhere in the world tomorrow I would go to Marbella in Spain! A few years back we had planned a trip that, sadly, feel apart. If just looked so pretty and different from everything I have ever seen.


  3. If I could go anywhere right now, I would either do Belfast, Northern Ireland again; or Russia again :)


  4. That's really cool! And that you've been to that many places! I'm sure you have great pictures!

  5. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be to Cusco, Peru. I'm a Spanish Major/Latin American Studies minor, and it just seems like the perfect place to travel to since I've already been to Spain!

  6. Aww I love this, I wish I had more money to travel but Europe is definitely on my bucket list, especially Italy because I have a lot of family over there. Your prints are one of my favorite things!

  7. Lately, I've been craving a trip to Cardiff, though I've never been. My family is Welsh on my dad's side though (along with the rest of Europe - I'm a mutt!) and I read about it all the time!

    I love love love that print. The blue stands out more, so I like that version better.

  8. I love travel! I had a few friends in college who went to Vienna and they loved it!



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