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New Arrivals: Lilly Pulitzer

I love resort collections, and it is finally that time of year!

Every Fall I fall in love with winter clothing. I love watching other people layer beautiful patterns and textures. Meanwhile, I am sweating in Florida, waiting for the day it hits 70 degrees and I can wear a sweater (no judgement).

About this time every year, without fail, I start to get frustrated. I have usually purchased some beautiful pieces for the Fall/Winter but I am STILL waiting to wear them.

Then the resort lines come out, and I am reminded that I live in paradise and can wear resort collections everyday, not just on vacation (of course all of these will look so cute in Barbados this December)!

Lilly's resort line is always my favorite. No one gets the Florida quite like Lilly, because she was a Florida girl. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Loving this tunic, pictures online do nothing for it. It is much prettier in person.

LOVE this pullover! Cute, comfy, and classic!

I would wear this tunic all day every day. I could probably wear it as a dress.

THIS IS PERFECTION. Not just because of the fabulous draped caftan cut, or the beautiful print, but also because they made it out of a jersey knit (fabric matters). Can you say practical? Barbados must have!

This print is too cute and whimsical!

My second favorite, I mean look at that back detail! Perfection!

And this dress. Oh the colors! Love, love, love!

Do you wear Lilly in the Winter?


Ashley B
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The Preppy Printshop by History in High Heels

And here's a preview of some of my favorites:

Hope you like it! And please let me know what you think!

Ashley B
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Taking the Plunge

Last weekend I drove to Orlando to visit the family for my little sis's seventeenth birthday party (technically my cousin). I created a cute print of my favorite saying "boys make passes at girls in glasses" for her birthday present (she also wears glasses and she is gorgeous)! Everybody loved the print and just before the other guests arrived, she joking propped the picture up with a note that read "14.99 + shipping."

Suddenly the conversation turned to "why don't you sell the things you create on Etsy?" My brother (also technically my cousin), who will probably run this country one day, immediately starting putting together a business plan. I was still entertaining the idea on my drive home, so I mentioned it on a whim in my loving lately post Saturday. I couldn't believe the response I got! So many emails encouraging me to go for it!

As I continued to waffle (worried about time commitments and if people would even want to buy what I create) I decided to just start jotting down my thoughts. In just a few hours I had sketched some thirty ideas, I guess I didn't realize how much I missed being creative!

So I decided to go for it and open History in High Heels' Preppy Printshop! There are plenty of shops who offer beautiful prints and illustrations. But I want to offer inexpensive instant digital downloads, which make creating gallery walls and decorating easier and more affordable! I also want to offer curated gallery wall sets. The hardest part about creating a gallery wall is finding prints that work together and the frames to fit them. So, I will also be offering many of my prints in the non-standard Ikea frame dimensions for easy and affordable framing!

I am still working on uploading everything and I am hoping my shop will go live tomorrow. But here is a sneak peek of what I have been creating (sorry about the watermarks, one can never been too careful):

So, what do you think?

Ashley B
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How I Do It: Note taking 101

I take a lot of notes... a lot! Sometimes I am lazy and indiscriminately jot down key points on a sheet of paper while I read. But then the time comes when I need those notes and instead of saving me time, my notes are like a code I have to crack. When I don't spend the time taking good notes, I usually end up having to re-read and take new notes (while kicking myself for not doing it right the first time).

Over the years I have realized the value of taking the time to take good notes the first time. What are good notes you ask? Well, I believe a good set of notes does not (like highlighting) record everything. They should be strategic and allow you to engage with the key points and arguments of the book/lecture, while also critically engaging with it. They should be your "Cliff Notes."

I really like the Cornell Note Method:

Once you have divided your paper and recorded the title/topic, take notes while you read (or notes from a lecture) in section 3. Remember to be selective in the points you choose and skip a line between each point. 

As you read you may have a question or concern about one of the points the author/lecturer is making. Be sure to record these questions to the left of the corresponding notes in section 2.

This is the step most people skip - review. After you have recorded the information in section 3, you need to review (this is especially important for in-class notes, often notes taken in a hurry won't make sense a week later). At this stage, I like to select a new color (or two) and rewrite the main ideas/arguments either in section 3 or section 2 (your choice). You can also underline, highlight, or even draw illustrations.

Finally in section 4, write a summary of all the material, including your critical questions and considering the following: What’s the significance of this information? Is this material based on certain theories or principles? Does it relate to other materials I have read/covered in the course? How can I apply this information? How does it fit in with what I already know? 

Of course you have to review your notes more than just the night before a test/paper writing.

Here is a basic template, but it isn't very stylish. Who says good notes can't be cute notes? So here are some fun note-taking templates! Just click, save, and print on a regular sheet of computer paper.

Happy Note Taking!

Ashley B
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30 X 30: Week 2

I've survived 1/3 of the 30 X 30 challenge! I was a little worried at the beginning of week two that I wouldn't make it! The weather was hot and I had basically worn all of my warmer weather pieces (and I was tired of them). Layering allows for a lot more creativity and I think it is the key to this challenge. But thankfully about halfway through the week, we had our first cold front. Once the cooler weather hit, I had a lot more fun putting together outfits. Here is what I wore for week two (for a list of all of the pieces I selected for this challenge, click here):

Day 5: dress // necklace (old, but I love this one) // bracelet (old) // pumps
Day 6: shirt (similar) // skirt // earrings // bracelet // ring // wedges
Day 7: top // glasses // earrings // necklace // ring // ballet flats
Day 8: sweatshirt // skirt (old) // earrings // bracelet // ballet flats

Day 9: jacket // top // pants // earrings // necklace (old, but I also love this one) // bracelet (old) // pumps
Day 10: jacket // top // necklace // earrings // boots
Day 11: top // jeans // blazer (old, but I also love this one) // earrings //bracelet // ballet flats

Ashley B
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Loving Lately

I have been really into monograms lately. I ordered this monogramed baseball cap from Etsy and I have been wearing constantly! Want to generate your own monogram (like for your computer screen)? This is a great blog post with links to free monogram fonts! You know what they say, if it's not moving, monogram it!

Postmodern Jukebox
My little sis (technically my cousin) recently introduced me to Postmodern Jukebox. This group provides an "alternative history of pop music." And they are fantastic! Seriously, check it out! My favorite is their rendition of Thrift Shop.

As you know, my person has recently abandoned me for the beautiful island of Barbados. This app lets us text internationally (using wifi). But unlike iMessage, it saves incoming messages when you don't have access to wifi and then delivers them when you reconnect. We have also discovered you can send voice memos. You forget how much you miss the sound of someone's voice! We probably send at least 20 voice memos a day. It is nice to feel like you are having a casual conversation throughout the day, just as you would if that person was nearby.

Etsy Prints
Hi my name is Ashley, and I have an Etsy Print problem! But seriously I love printables! After receiving tons of emails about the ones I've created, I am entertaining (emphasis on entertaining) the idea of starting my own Etsy shop. So many ideas for printables, so little time! Stay tuned :)

Pottery Barn Teen
No judgement, but Pottery Barn Teen has the cutest and preppiest bedding, furniture, and decor. Obviously some of it is super young looking, but a lot is just simply beautiful (and cheaper than the regular Pottery Barn, which I find a little too monochromatic). How fabulous is this duvet cover (monogramed of course)? And this pink couch? Dying!

What are you loving lately?
Ashley B
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What's in My Bag: Work Edition

I am so happy it's Friday, this week was brutal and next week isn't looking any better. But one great thing did happen this week, my new work bag finally arrived!

I feel like I have waited forever for my Dagne Dover bag! I first saw it on The College Prepster and I was sold when Carly described all of the different pockets (I LOVE being organized). I have been searching for a work bag for a long time. I needed something that was professional enough for conferences and presentations, yet practical for everyday use. I carry a lot of student papers, books, notebooks, etc. Since I work from both home and my office, I tend to carry a lot to and from campus.

So I took the plunge and invested in this bag (actually it is an early Christmas present). I was a little disappointed when a week after purchasing it, I had not received a shipment notification. So I emailed the company to inquire about it. I received the nicest and sincerest response almost immediately. Deepa, the COO/CFO, let me know that the company was new and they had recently had a spike in orders (I'm guessing because Carly featured the bag), and their manufacturing facility was working as hard as possible to keep up with the orders. Even though it took weeks, they kept me up to date every step of the way.

AND IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT. I love the bag, it is absolute perfection! The color, the shape, the size, the compartments, the padded shoulder straps... all perfect and impeccably made!

To celebrate my new bag, I thought I should do a "what's in my bag" work edition.

All of this fits with room to spare!

Starbucks tumbler // books (lots and lots of books) // my Macbook Pro // iPad // pouch (for when I just want to run across campus with my wallet and phone for a cup of coffee) // umbrella (Florida showers come out of no where) // Warby Parker glasses // Visine (for when I read too much) // my Moo business cards // Dr. Scholls blister treatment (constantly traversing a large college campus = a lot of blisters) // highlighters (these are the absolute best!) // spiral notebook (how cute is this Great Gatsby notebook?)

Dagne Dover also makes a corresponding clutch, which, of course, now I really want!

What's in your work bag?
Ashley B
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Jcrew: November Arrivals

If you follow Jcrew on Pinterest, then you have already seen some of their new releases. I was so excited I called my store (who received their new arrivals Monday) and reserved some of the new fancy sweatshirts--with jewel encrusted collars (sigh)--to try on. Have I mentioned how much I love this trend? Thanks to my hectic schedule this week, I knew I couldn't make it to the store for a couple days and they always run out of smalls (grr)! But Jcrew has amazing customer service and my fabulous personal stylist (Gretta) pulled lots of cute things for me. PS - every one gets a personal stylist lol, but it makes me feel special.

I was camped out at my computer Tuesday night, hoping everything would go up at midnight (#ihaveaproblem). Turns out it does not. I was a little worried their Pinterest pins would amount to a bad preview. You know the ones where the funniest/best parts are the movie are shown. You get all excited, but when it finally comes out, you realize you have already seen the best parts! Well not to worry, once again Jcrew doesn't disappoint. If I lived in a colder climate, I would have purchased almost every piece (with my imaginary money tree). But since I am a Floridian, I really had to rein myself in (I have made a new rule, only one new wool sweater a year lol).

Pieces I need want:

Love the sea foam green and jeweled neckline! Another fabulous fancy sweatshirt.
Another fancy sweatshirt! This time with red beading.
And another!!! This is going to be such a tough decision. How great is this tuxedo bib detail?

Tweed detailed tee, NEED!

Seriously the most comfortable and flattering skirt I have ever owned and now it comes in so many colors. I am debating between this poppy color and the navy below.

Navy is always a good choice!

Loving the gold stud detail.

How does Jcrew take a simple tee shirt and make it so fabulous? The world will never know!

What I would buy if I lived up North:

More beautiful detailing.

Loving the colors and the zippers. 

I'm mad about plaid flannel! 

And the color combo of this coat is perfection!

And they finally released this dress that I found in the store a couple weeks ago, which, as you already know, I am completely obsessed with!

And bonus, everything is 25% off (when you spend +150)! Which pieces are you crazy about?

Ashley B
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Guest Post: Nerdy Chic 101

Hey guys, today I am guest posting on Jess's blog Quaintelle

Visit her blog to read my post "Nerdy Chic 101!"
Here is a sneak peek:

Ashley B
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Apartment Therapy: My Little Home Office

Last Friday, I finally made it to Ikea to grab the last pieces I needed to finish my living room and my little home office area. Naturally Ikea is always better with a friend (I find it overwhelming on my own) and of course, the day wouldn't be complete if we didn't stop at a little french bakery for cappuccinos and pastries before our long morning at Ikea.

My shopping list consisted of 1 Linnmon table top, 2 Lerberg trestles, 1 pair of the Vittsjö nesting tables, 1 Vittsjö laptop stand, and an assortment of Ribba picture frames. I also picked up some Metrik handles for a little Ikea hacking fun.

The first thing I wanted to do was liven up the wall behind my desk. I saw this amazing Lauren Conrad DIY weeks ago. It was super easy and the results are spectacular. It is a new wall for the price of contact paper and a circle cutter! All I did was cut contact paper into 10" circles and apply them to the wall (I planned where I wanted to put them with Post-its).

I also wanted to create an inspiration board on the same wall. I ordered a large but inexpensive cork board from Amazon and painted the cheap looking wood gold. Next I simply printed items, pictures, patterns, etc. that inspire me! The Essie and coffee prints I purchased from The Preppy Greek and the LOVE and ciao prints are from M. Kat Safar (both on Etsy).

Before assembling my new Ikea pieces, I spray painted the trestle legs, and metal bases of the nesting tables and laptop table gold. I also spray painted the cabinet handles and super-glued them to the nesting tables to create a Greek key design (I saw this on one of my favorite design blogs, Simple Details). Ikea hacks are everywhere and a great place to get ideas is Pinterest.

Don't mind me, just the crazy lady spray painting all of her new furniture gold!
Once the paint dried, I styled the desk and TV stand with some of my DIY creations (girls in glasses printable, book covers, wanderlust)!

Ignore the empty Ikea frame, I'm still waiting for one last print to arrive!
I love the greek key detail. I can't believe they are cabinet handles!

Such a transformation!

Last but not least, I got around to framing and hanging my degrees. Finally, the room feels complete!

Ignore the giant cat tower. I am a bit of a cat lady in training, but look at that face, how can I resist?

So what do you think?

Ashley B
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